Water recedes but status of Río San Juan still unknown

Barra del Colorado residents report that the water level in the community has dropped at least eight inches, but plenty still remains.

The community in northeastern Costa Rica was among the places inundated last week when a low pressure area generated heavy rains on the Caribbean and northern zone.

But there still is no word about the status of the ditch Nicaraguan workers dug across Costa Rica’s Isla Calero.

Local river-savvy residents expected the flooding Río San Juan to follow the ditch and punch a new channel through Costa Rican territory.

This is the situation that has brought Costa Rica and Nicaragua into the international Court of Justice in The
Hague. This also is why the Organization of American States has convened a meeting for 10 a.m. today of the hemisphere’s foreign ministers.
The agenda contains a vague statement that the minsters will agree on appropriate measures to be adopted.

Costa Rica wants Nicaragua to withdraw its military from Tico territory before any discussions are held. Nicaraguans appear to have been hoping that the river will do the work and make moot Costa Rican complaints.

The boundary between the two countries is the south bank of the river. What will happen to the boundary if humans encourage the river to make a new channel is something for lengthy international deliberations.

If the river acted without outside help, the boundary would follow the new south bank.

Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega has said he wants his countrymen to have the right of free travel on the Río Colorado on which Barra del Colorado is located.

That is a river well within Costa Rica and the one providing the current flood.

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