Where is CNBC signal and where is Amnet?

CNBC, the elusive Amnet program, is still in hiding

It has now been a full five weeks since CNBC, the business information channel carried on Amnet, went off the air without explanation. For two days, Amnet presented only a black screen. When I called Amnet during the dark period, their representatives stated that Amnet was having some difficulty with the “signal” from CNBC and that their engineers were working on the problem.

After two days, Amnet began to substitute Bloomberg in lieu of CNBC, explaining only that CNBC went off the air for “reasons beyond its control” and that Bloomberg would be aired in its stead “temporarily.” Isn’t it time for Amnet to explain what it means by “reasons beyond its control” and why it fails to deliver its promised programming even after 5 weeks.

David Jackson
San José

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