Wikileaks disclosure cables cleverly-designed psy-op

I am amazed at the sheeple of the world how easily they are brainwashed becoming ardent defenders, yes, even gullible worshippers of Wikileaks, like little wind-up toys, and according to plan.

Nothing of what has been leaked though is any real news. We have known about every issue all along, haven’t we? Just check for yourselves.

The leaked “news” are totally insufficient to be a matter of journalistic worship. Know thy enemy.

Doesn’t it seem odd that it is — again — directed at Islamic countries, at relations with China and mainly about embarrassing the U.S. in the wake of dissolving the U.S. Constitution and federation into a U.S.-Can-Mex North American Union.

The WikiLeaks club is not wielded against the most fascist government ruling over Palestine, no little swing whatsoever. Not even the “revelation” about their ties with the Saudis makes valuable news as it has been harmless common knowledge for anyone following the course of politics.

Did any “cable” come out that points at 9/11 not having been a Muslim job? No, you see, Julian Assange was a eulogized reporter for several Rothschild prints, one of them the Economist. Enough said?

I hope that the sheeple wake up to reality and see Wikileaks as what it really is, a cleverly-designed psy-op in typical superior secret service fashion to shut down the Internet as we know it and just like Jay Rockefeller wanted it. Thank you, Julian. Wake up, folks.

Axel Marquardt
San Jose

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