You’re not in America, Canadian resident says

I have to agree with that comments made in today’s paper. I have lived here for 6 1/2 years and never once have I seen or heard so much bull dung. Never once have I been robbed or mugged. 80 percent of the Ticos I meet are very considerate and also very proud people. But most of the North American living here fail to understand that you’re not in America anymore.

The first piece of advice I got when I came here was from another Canadian. He told me was “what ever you learnt at home forget it doesn’t apply here.”

As someone that has traveled most of Asia and western countries and most of Central America I am placing my 2 cents in: Go Home and stay there. It is better that way. You can carry your guns and start wars and shoot anyone that comes near you. And not to mention kill your young in wars that should have never been started in the first place.

Costa Rica is a country that does have faults and, yes, the people are laid back but tell me this: Why do you come here. We all know why. Yeah, well, Ugly Americans, or better put uneducated American put a bad name for the rest of the good one out there. Grow up. The problem is that Costa Rica lets people like you in the country.
So Happy holidays, Everyone, and Feliz Navidad

Roberto Matija
San José and Vancouver, British Columbia

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