Agents find suspect in murder of woman on way to work

Judicial agents tracked down a suspect in the murder of a woman pedestrian to a home in La Aurora de Alajuelita and detained him Thursday.

This is the case of the woman on her way to work at the Hospital de Mujeres about 5:30 a.m. Jan. 6 who was confronted and stabbed by a robber. The case got headlines because the killing happened on the south side of Plaza Víquez in the presence of other individuals.

The victim, Alice Fallas Rivera, 27, had just gotten off a
public bus from her home in San Miguel de Desamparados, She was walking the half mile or so to work at the hospital.

The man detained was identified as a 23-year-old drug addict who had no fixed place of residence and spent his time walking the streets of the city, said the Judicial Investigating Organization.

Agents got a good description from a taxi driver who saw the robbery and tried to intercede. Ironically the taxi driver’s actions may have cause the man to stab his victim.

She died at the scene from a chest wound.

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