Airport pat downs annoy nearly every traveler

I enjoyed the article about airport pat downs.

The woman who would like to think she got singled out due to her Middle Eastern dress style should not feel too special.

During my last trip to Costa Rica, I had to go through Atlanta’s huge international airport.  I had to go through all the scanners, x-rays, searches, took the shoes, belt, and everything else off even though I had already done it in my hometown when I went through my local airport.  For the life of me I couldn’t figure out what was setting the alarms off, so a pretty blonde woman ran her hands inside my pants, etc, etc.  “Hey this isn’t bad” I thought.  Offered her 20 bucks to do it again, but she declined.  Anyway, turned out there was a tiny plastic bottle of Germ-X hand sanitizer in one of my pant pockets that I had missed.   Ooooooh, call me the mad bomber!  What a hoot.

Coming back I got another laugh in the San José airport.  The alcohol that I had bought at the duty-free shop had been torn apart by the package searchers and caused the plane to wait for the package to be retaped and sent to the plane.  The duty-free shop where I had bought the package was about 150 feet from the tables where the package searchers did their thing.  If someone thought that I had put something in the duty free box in such a short space of time and distance, they must have forgotten about the checkpoint I had to go through just to get in the airport — shoes and belt off, x-ray, metal detector, and all the rest of it.

No the Middle Eastern woman should not flatter herself in any way, manner, shape or form.  She simply isn’t entitled to!  I am a white male, 59, six feet tall, and worked for the defense department 30 years as an intelligence analyst.  Clearances and all the rest of it.

So if anyone wants to say that their race, religion, sex, clothes or anything else caused them to be searched I would like to talk to them!

But there is a happy note to all this as I hear more people are opting for travel via cruise ship and ground travel.

I am just glad that I don’t own stock in an airline.

James Harrison
Charlottesville, Virginia

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