Another murder in Jacó and one in Goicoechea

A gunman on a motorcycle assassinated a 32-year-old Jacó man in another killing of a pedestrian in the Pacific coast community.

The dead man was identified as Zachery Boyer, a long-time resident of the area. He died when the assailant pumped six shots into him and then fled. Police roadblocks failed to produce a suspect.

The killing was similar to one Jan. 2 when two men on a motorcycle killed 25-year-old Christopher McLean on a Jacó public street. In neither case was there any effort to rob the victim. McLean was a native of Limón.

Boyer was believed to work in some area of tourism in the seaside community.

The Jacó murder was not the only one of the weekend. Saturday night in Los Cuadros de Purral de Goicoechea three masked men got out of a car in front of a liquor store, entered and began shooting everyone there. They used military style rifles.

One man died a short time later and five persons went to metro hospitals. At least one was in critical condition. Most were shot more than once.

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