Article was not responsible in talking about Internet plan

I have to admit that I enjoy reading A.M. Costa Rica regularly, including the give and take debates in the letters to the editor. But a recent news article concerning a new initiative by President Chinchilla, which uses a miniscule portion of the $170 million multinational corporate cell phone company deal, to help fund universal access to the Internet, crossed over the line of responsible journalism.

Rather than simply reporting the news, the article contained biased innuendos such as “the project seemed to have the trappings of social work,” which sounds like something straight out of Fox News’ “Fair and Balanced Reporting” (sic) approach to journalism.

The article noted that funds would be used by the government to help bridge the digital divide, which will undoubtedly help lower-income Costa Ricans and increase educational levels for the workforce. This is a bad thing? And the article also noted that program funds will be used to help “hook up schools and medical clinics” to the Internet. Blasphemous. Perhaps the U.S. could learn a little something from Costa Rica about trying to help support schools and encouraging workforce development in these difficult times.

If your writers must editorialize, then please add the word “Opinion” to the top of the stories, so that we do not confuse you with Fox News.

Jeff Wells
Dominical and
Santa Cruz, California

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