Butler’s academic rigor questioned by reader

In today’s paper the publicity given  “Escazu man’s new book finds faults with major religions” by Escazú resident Sam Butler.  I was expecting to find a well researched document by a learned professional.  When I went to his Web site as directed I found that though he was probably successful in his business endeavors in real estate, that his research existed of quoting wiki answers which may or may not be someone else opinion.  Lacking any credentials other than be able to type and put thoughts on paper, I don’t understand the space given in your newspaper to herald his accomplishment.

To me it has the same effect as a Hollywood actor voicing his opinion on world affairs,  So what.

For an example, he points out that there were other crucifixions before Christ.  Not sure the point he was trying to make.  But amazingly in Christianity the method of death was prophesied centuries before it actually took place.  The importance of the crucifixion is not the method of death but that Jesus, who is God, chose to take the punishment for the sins of mankind and sacrificed his life for us, was buried and rose again.  Based upon reading his biography (Butler’s) I feel that as a high school champion pole vaulter that he missed the bar with his opinion.

Tom Branham
San Francisco de Dos Rios

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