Computer firms press on despite fickle comsumers

More than 80 tablet computers similar to Apple’s iPad have been introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, along with the latest 3D TV sets and other gadgets. The industry trade show generated excitement, but some consumers ask whether they want or need all the new gadgets.

More than 120,000 people came to see the new TV sets with brilliant, vibrant color, including some that offer three-dimensional viewing without special glasses.

They also got to play with the latest high tech toys, including Microsoft‘s motion-controlled gaming device Kinect, and miniature devices like a high definition camera worn on the wrist.

But handheld tablet computers created the most excitement, like one from Samsung – the Galaxy Tab – released two months ago. One-and-a-half million have already been sold worldwide.

Samsung’s Trevor Lambert says the Galaxy Tab is an entertainment center that fits in your pocket. “The device is extremely portable. It comes loaded with Samsung’s media hub, which grants you access to thousands of TV shows and movies on the go. And once you download it, you can share that content with up to five Samsung Galaxy devices,” he said.

The computer maker Lenovo introduced its own new tablet, and so did Toshiba and other computer makers.

Consumers with money to spend can soon buy other gadgets and devices on display in Las Vegas, for example, a furry robot toy with artificial intelligence for just over $6,000, or an Audi automobile with the latest electronic systems and dashboard displays for many thousands more.

The worldwide economy is still sluggish, but industry analysts say that fickle, reluctant consumers can be persuaded to buy some of the new devices.

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