Cruz Roja suspends search for missing university student

The Cruz Roja has suspended the search for Universidad de Costa Rica student who vanished in the Parque Nacional Chirripó Jan. 6.

The case bears similarities to those of two missing foreign tourists who vanished while on vacation here.

The missing university student is Nelson Alvarado Montoya, 24.

Cruz Roja rescue workers said they exhausted every possibility in the sprawling area around the country’s highest peak.

Michael Dixon, a British tourist, vanished after he walked from his hotel in Tamarindo Oct. 18, 2009. David Gimelfarb, 28, vanished Aug. 11, 2009, after he went hiking in Parque Nacional Rincón de la Vieja. Gimelfarb is a doctoral student from Chicago.

In the case of Gimelfarb the Cruz Roja suspended the search after extensive efforts. The United States also contributed air support to no avail. Investigators failed to find any clues on the whereabouts of Dixon and put the case on the back burner. They speculated that he died in the sea, but no body has ever turned up.

Both the Gimelfarb family and the Dixon family members visited the country several times.

Alvarado is believed to have been in the company of a friend who hiked with him part of the way. That search was complicated by bad weather. There even was below-freezing nights at the higher elevations.

In the case of Dixon, theft or robbery has been ruled out because his belongings remained in a Tamarindo rented room.

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