DDT use urged to eliminate mosquitoes and malaria

Your posting on malaria prompted such a visceral reaction that I felt compelled to respond.  I cannot begin to express my astonishment at the TOTAL disregard of  the World health Organization to the scientific and humanitarian communities.   $175 million for more NETS and research when the answer is staring us in the face.

A small excerpt from this very long and detailed analysis with much supporting documentation  (see:


The Wall Street Journal Endorses Use of DDT.

The Wall Street Journal endorses using DDT on its editorial opinion page (8/16/07) stating: “Opponents of DDT are only ensuring more misery and death.” Great. We have been stating this for years. It is good to know that this respected publication has finally come around to agreeing with us. Use it to stop deaths from malaria In African countries

Wake up and smell the excrement that the U.N. and its affiliated organizations are shoveling.  (Global Warming included) Millions of lives can easily and cheaply be saved starting tomorrow.

Dr. Bill Wilden
Gifford, Washington
(Wilden is a dentist with a master’s in public health)

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