Emergency commission tries to make peace with Alajuela

When the national emergency commission decided to construct homes for those who had their properties destroyed in the Cinchona earthquake, it spent 570 million colons for land, about $1.2 million.

The whole project is 5.2 billion colons, some $10 million.

But no one cleared the project with the Municipalidad de Alajuela.

The commission contends that the laws under which it
operates exempt it from municipal concerns. But it had decided to address some of the concerns brought up by the municipality.

There are 46 of them, and the commission said Tuesday it had responded to each one. The agency also brought in experts to vouch for the structural integrity of the buildings.

Some 1,200 persons are expected to live in the new community in Cariblanco north of Heredia. A Jan. 8, 2009, earthquake destroyed the community of Cinchona, killed 23 and left seven missing.

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