Faults found with both firms that offer cable television

I am a former subscriber to Cable Tica and a new subscriber to Cable Amnet. I was with Cable Tica for six years in the metro area and I have nothing but good things to say. They provided my cable TV service as well as Internet. I now subscribe to Amnet because I moved to an area that is not served by Cable Tica.

Overall, I am satisfied with Amnet. I would not say that I am delighted with their service, but so far they have lived up to their end of the contract. Internet has been down a few times, and a few times I found Movie City playing on the channel that is supposed to carry CNN. Regarding ABC, NBC, and CBS, I used to get two of each because I subscribed to their less than adequate digital service. One of the CBS channels was that exceedingly unprofessional affiliate out of Erie, Pennsylvania, and the other was a Denver station. I noticed a few days ago that now both CBS channels are from Erie. I believe the NBC and ABC channels are out of the Miami area.

But, Dean Barbour, I don’t think you have died and gone to TV heaven. Cable Tica is not without its faults. I lived (miserably) without CNN for several months. I was told and I believe it was because they did not want to pay the franchise fee to carry that channel. Also, ABC was missing for several years, something about a contract problem with Disney and/or Sony. Several of the channels are offered with SAP, but Cable Tica did not broadcast them with that feature. And despite what the Cable Tica rep told you, your favorite channels will indeed disappear from time to time, sometimes for just a few hours, sometimes for days on end.

Now I have a question for anyone who might know. Now that most of the consumers in the western hemisphere seem to have switched to digital HD TV equipment, why are we not getting HD broadcasts? Amnet offers perhaps 5 HD channels with the premium package. Big deal!

Tony Waddell

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