Fine for using bus lane soars to 308,235 colons

The fine for using a bus lane on the Autopista General Cañas has increased to 308,235 colons, some $609.

The increase is because fines are based on a base judicial salary, and salaries increased at the first of the year 7.75 percent.

Transport officials continue to reveal the rules they are enforcing on the highway. For example, the transport ministry said that tourism buses do not count as buses and may not use the outside lanes that are reserved for buses. Taxis and other non-bus transportation also are forbidden from the lanes. That includes airport taxis.

There also are weight restrictions at peak hours for truckers.

Transport officials are clear in that they are trying to encourage commuters to use buses instead of their own car. They also pointed out that soon train service will begin between Belén and the existing route.

The traffic problem is being compounded by work on the bridge over the Río Virilla. There were significant tie ups much of Tuesday.

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