Firemen keep mall fire from doing major damage

Fire broke out in a sixth-floor storage area in the Mall San Pedro office tower Tuesday morning.

The blaze was confined to a small area, and there was no smoke or water damage to other floors of the structure.

The fire was in the administrative offices of Grupo ARCOR, a call center, said the Cuerpo de Bomberos. The call came in just before 7 a.m.

Firemen said that the eight-floor mall tower has a fire protection system and that they were able to use the mall’s hoses and water sources without bringing in their own.

The sixth floor contains 1,000 square meters or about 10,764 square feet. The area of the fire was confined to 17 square meters or a bit more than 180 square feet. There was smoke damage to an additional 120 square meters or about 1,292 square feet, firemen said.

The cause may have been an overloaded electrical device that had a computer, printer and other electronics plugged into it, firemen speculated.

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