Gasoline prices going up a few cents a liter

Gasoline is going up again, the Authoridad Reguladora de Servicios Públicos said Tuesday. Super goes up seven colons a liter, and plus gasoline goes up 17 colons. Diesel has only a minimal increase of two colons. Aviation gasoline is increasing 12 colons a liter.

Expats still have a chance to fill up because the effective date of the new prices is calculated to be midnight Tuesday.

The Authoridad said it made its monthly adjustment based on the economic situation in mid-December, including a colon-dollar exchange rate of 507.5. The rate is now 498.5, meaning the colon is stronger.

In terms of U.S. gallon prices, super will be $4.62, plus will be $4.48 and diesel will be $4. Aviation gasoline will be $5.77

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