Have we been hijacked, reader asks on life here

Coming to Costa Rica for 20 years and living here full time for six years, a few things stand out. I have gone from tourist to resident and now a citizen of Costa Rica. Married to a Tica now 15 years and have bought sold property, traveled, and lived in San Jose and Liberia.

To all this it comes to mind: “Have we been hijacked here in Costa Rica?” Where to start. The government. It seems the succession of power is in two main parties. Currently the PLN with Oscar Arias, Laura Chinchilla and next in line either Rodrigo Arias or Johnny Ayara. Same old good boys doing the same. Enhancing themselves. Think about it when under Oscar Arias 2 billion colons were withheld in the school lunch program. For some children the only meal of the day. The Cinchona project and housing, the faulty road construction autopista to the beaches, to say the least. Where does all the money go?? In the pocket of family consultants. Poof! Disappears!

Laws that are confusing, poorly written and interpretations of the courts. Driving laws. The extremely high price for infractions. Gives the Transit police power to get pay offs to avoid these tickets. I agree with the reckless driving and the drunks. Get them off the roads please!

Being invaded by Nicaragua and only doing talks. We as a country are held hostage by Ortega and his thugs. China, while building a stadium, what is in it for them and for Oscar Arias? The Spanish consortium who built and collects the tolls. When the government paid millions for the bailey bridge because of faulty construction. And they still collect the money. Why?

They must think we are sheep. Now as reported we have the Mexican Cartel in bedded here. The drug trade. What kind of influence do they extent? Our judges are weak and intimidated. Bribery and running their business. The Taxes not being paid mount up to over one billion colons! That seems Outrages. Avoiding taxes and getting away with it. Attorneys here who take advantage of everyone, foreigners and locals alike.

In a country of 4.5 million and having over 600,000 foreigners living here. That seems a bit high percentagewise.

Laws of spousal abuse are well intended. Except for the women who knows crying wolf gets her the house and the property. It is all slanted one way.

Well, have we been hijacked or not?

Dwayne Egelund
La Uruca

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