I am rewarded every day

I am amused at Tom Colborn’s rant and wonder why he doesn’t book the first flight out of the country. I’ve lived here for 16 years; have never been assaulted or robbed, never had police dogs going through my car, never seen police with their guns drawn. I do not have bars on my windows, a guard dog, or anything with the exception of a house alarm that has never gone off. I have been stopped on the road, but after showing my documents, I’m back on my way without incident.

Of course, maybe I just had the good luck of building in a small pueblo where the neighbors are exemplary, and I feel I do live in paradise. Two examples: After building my house and contractor returned $1,500 saying he overestimated costs. Secondly, I had a botched surgery in the U.S. and a neighbor took me to a specialist here twice a week, for six weeks, and I fully recovered. And now at Christmas many neighbors show up at my door bringing tamales, which I devour with gusto.

The roads are bad, Ticos are animals behind the wheel, but I can live with those minor problems. I lead a quiet life, don’t bother anyone, and don’t fret about the little things. I don’t regret a day since I left Colorado in 1986, and I am rewarded every day with the kindness of my neighbors, content knowing we don’t have an army, and are not seeing our young men and women being killed every day in Iraq or Afghanistan.

I won’t tell you where I found my paradise, cause I don’t think I would want you as a neighbor. You sound like a bitter, angry old man who probably will never be satisfied.

Daniel Forster

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