Illegal parking enforcement would keep traffic moving

I have been following the placa fiasco for some time in total amazement and could no longer resist commenting on the mess which is both confusing and taking up too much time that could be spent by our officials in a more productive way.

Last week after a long day with clients at the Pacific coast, I entered the city around 5 p.m. to drop them off at the Hotel Presidente. The traffic was bad as always but when returning home even worse because the supposedly two-lane street that exits the city was now a one-lane street because there was about 40 cars parked on yellow curbs. This caused traffic to merge right then merge left and so on all the way down the street, causing bottlenecks and frustration every 50 feet or so.

Here is my point; if the yellow curb laws were strictly enforced, we would not need to restrict good, hard working people from doing business in San José one day a week. When clients ask me about a location for a new business, I tell them stay outside of the parameter or your clients will be restricted from driving to your business one day a week. That is 52 days a year you will loose business!

The municipality can make just as much money towing the vehicles of inconsiderate idiots, as they would giving tickets to hard working people who forgot what day it was.

Simply put, enforcing the existing laws instead of fighting over and trying to explain new ones. It may be too simple to work here.

Tom Roucek

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