Insurance firm purchases document handling system

The Instituto Nacional de Seguros, the former insurance monopoly, has purchased a business process management system.

Purchasing the AuraPortal platform will allow the company known as INS to automate and optimize the way its departments function internally, as well as its customer relations, turning INS into one of the most advanced companies worldwide in business process automation and optimization, said a release from the provider, AURA, known as AuraPortal. No price was given for the contract.

Within the last years, the National Insurance Institute has developed several initiatives in order to modernize its technological infrastructure and thus satisfy its demanding customers, the provider said. One of these, the so-called electronic customer record, must work together with three key processes, such as assurance, data modification and claims, the provider said.

Technically, this is a major challenge, given that the InstituteĀ“s wide technological platform needs to be able to communicate with a unique platform that gives the 2,500 employees all over the country, information on more than a million customers, said AURA.

The new system will let an INS employee see all a customer’s documents, including scanned paperwork with just a click, said the Boston, Massachusetts-based provider.

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