Judicial agents pull plug on Jacó hydroponics setup

Some of the marijuana plants that were confiscated. Photo: Judicial Investigating Organization

The folks in Jacó might be a little short of their favorite smokes this weekend. Judicial agents said they nabbed a man who had packets of marijuana ready for sale.

The arrest came in a home between Jacó and Playa Hermosa on the central Pacific coast. The Poder Judicial identified the suspect by the last names of Villegas Obando.

Agents said they found 2.7 kilos of chopped marijuana and 303 plants. They were being grown in the home with artificial light and hydroponics, agents said. They said they received a tip about the marijuana growing operation.

Agents also confiscated two vehicles they said had been reported stolen in Heredia. Prosecutors were seeking six months of preventative detention for the 40-year-old man, the Poder Judicial said.

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