Judiciary irked with work on downtown Avenida 8

The Municipalidad de San José is closing part of Avenida 8 that runs west along the south side of the judicial center in the downtown. The Poder Judicial is unhappy and said that it might go to court to stop the project.

The municipality has been rebuilding the key road. The part that will be closed for five months is between Calle 25 and 13.

The Poder Judicial in a statement noted that the avenue runs along the south side of the buildings housing the Corte Suprema de Justicia, the Judicial Investigating Organization and the courts.

The city has specified some detours, but none is as rapid at Avenida 8.

The Poder Judicial statement came from Alfredo Jones León, executive director of the Poder Judicial. He said city engineers promised to devise a plan to give vehicle access to the judicial buildings but they did not follow through.

He promised legal and constitutional actions to protect the continuity of service to the public.

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