Just make the country better

I’m laughing so hard that it’s difficult for me to write this response to Tom Colburn’s denouncing of Costa Rica. It’s just another example of a disgruntled Gringo looking for something for nothing from this country while at the same time contributing nothing to make it better.

Mr. Colborn obviously thinks that the money he spends here, on himself of course, makes him privileged. I doubt whether he has a single Tico friend. There are far too many ex-Gringos here, who couldn’t make it in the States and think they can make a killing and/or live like kings here,but on the cheap of course.

They delight in underpaying workers. I overheard a Gringa bragging to her friends that she pays her “maid” $35/week — for eight hours/day, five days/week.!! How disgusting.

Since I arrived here, almost seven years ago, I have involved myself in helping make this a better country rather than complaining about what’s obviously wrong with it and doing nothing. When my local police need a car or moto fixed, they come to me and others like me.

When the need for a day-care center or medical clinic arises, my good friend Gail Nystrom, Costa Rica Humanitarian Foundation, and I, along with a few good Gringos, get it done.

What do you do to make the country better, Mr. Colborn? When a neighbor had a problem with an alarm, I simply went over and talked with him. Problem solved. I have every need taken care of, from an expert mechanic fixing my cars in my driveway to an incredible gardner/ handyman who can do everything. I get service and loyalty far and away better than i ever had in the States. Why? Because i pay them extremely well and always treat them with respect.

Of course the government is corrupt. What country’s government isn’t? That’s why so many want government jobs where they can do nothing and get paid, It’s welfare called “work.” As far as the police are concerned, they are paid chump-change, not enough to support a family, while other government employees are paid for doing nothing.

How much of a risk-taking cop would you be for $500/month? You see, I also do not excuse greedy, rich Ticos and their greedy government-leader friends for their attitude, wanting to maintain the feudal system, handing down businesses, land and wealth to their lazy offspring for generations without having to pay an inheritance tax, little or no income taxes, and paying their workers slave wages.

Gee, how different is that from the States and most other countries anyway?

So, good luck in your next country, Mr. Colborn. I think we can squeak by without you.

Barry Schwartz

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