Key border crossing site gets new computer system

The heavily traveled Peñas Blancas border crossing to Nicaragua is getting new equipment to keep track of those who seek to enter and leave the country.

The new equipment is undergoing trials. The computerized system reads the passport of an individual and immediately displays data about the person on a computer screen. Presumably this would show the number of times the person entered and left the country and their immigration status.
José María Tijerino Pacheco, the security minister, was at the border crossing over the weekend to observe the system in action.

In the first three days of the year, 4,176 persons left Costa Rica through the border crossing and 14,193 entered.

Many of those arriving were Nicaraguans who spend the holidays with their families in that country. An additional 3,218 persons were caught trying to sneak into the country mostly through woods, the ministry said.

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