Legion will hear engineer discuss extra oxygen for health

John Erb has seen eight decades and credits what he says is his superb physical condition to the pressure chambers he has constructed. Erb, a professional engineer, will discuss his hyperbaric oxygen chambers at an American Legion meeting Wednesday at the Club Cubano in Guachipelin.

Erb is a strong proponent of the theory that flooding the cells with extra oxygen will make them stronger and more efficient. He even wrote a book, “Hyper Health” that outlines his theory that does not find universal acceptance in the medical profession.

He was the subject of an A.M. Costa Rica article six years ago.

Said the Legion:

“Originally designed as a device used to treat divers afflicted with the bends, the chambers are now used in a variety of medical protocols. Mr. Erb will explain the various uses including the possible rejuvenation benefit for seniors.”

Erb has constructed four chambers, and the latest can accommodate 12 persons.

The Costa Rica Post 10 meeting starts at noon. The Legion said that a no-host lunch is available at the conclusion of the meeting.  All U.S. military veterans are invited to attend post meetings. Directions to Club Cubano are posted on the posts Web site

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