Letter complaining of bias was, itself, full of bias

The commentary piece by Mr. Ken Morris last Tuesday is biased and skewed. He accuses A.M. Costa Rica as spinning the story in favor of Costa Rica and then he proceeds to spin his own story in favor of Nicaragua. His eight points that he lists in Nicaragua’s favor conveniently leave out important facts, many of which were included in the A.M. Costa Rica article/piece. He also suffers from a case of “piling on” throwing everything and anything into the mix in an effort to discredit Costa Rica and the A.M. Costa Rica article and show Nicaragua in the best possible light.

I do agree that in general, that news articles now days are a mixture of news, opinion and sometimes entertainment mixed in as well for good measure. So where is that not true these days? Mr. Morris, get with the times, wake up and smell the coffee. Mr. Morris doesn’t like certain words and phrases used by A.M. Costa Rica such as “invasion,” “Nicaraguan regime” and “beefed up security” which accurately characterized the situation to the readers. So if the tables were turned and Costa Rica stationed troops and dredges north of the San Juan and commenced cutting a path to the ocean north of the San Juan river what would he then call that? A disputed border crossing with no apparent objective? I don’t think so. And if in response, Nicaragua augmented the local police force and started modernizing its infrastructure in the area so that police could get from point A to point B, how would Mr. Morris characterize that? And I’m sorry if Mr. Morris doesn’t like the word “regime” applied to Nicaragua. If the shoe fits, wear it.

He criticizes Costa Rica’s Foreign Minister René Castro for mounting a worldwide public relations tour. He then incorrectly concludes that Costa Rica must therefore have a losing case before the international court. He fails to see the maneuver as complimentary to a winning case.

He goes on to criticize A.M. Costa Rica for reporting on the fears of the locals in the area about how the dredging operations will cause harm by diverting river flow. Accurate reporting which Mr. Morris doesn’t like apparently because it puts Nicaragua once again in a bad light.

With his eighth and final point Mr. Morris comes full circle and criticizes Costa Rica for not beefing up the border sooner conveniently leaving out the point reported by A.M. Costa Rica that Costa Rica does not have the right to police the area via the San Juan. According to Mr. Morris, Costa Rica is dammed if it does and dammed if it doesn’t.

I guess if it were up to Mr. Morris, Costa Rica should just cede the whole area now to Nicaragua, no need for honoring treaties or international law.

David Sisson

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