Lottery exhibit is one reason to visit Archivo Nacional

One of the lottery posters on display. Photo: Archivo Nacional

The Archivo Nacional is reaching out to residents to encourage them to visit the Zapote location.

The current exposition is a history of the lottery in Costa Rica. There also is a reading room where many Costa Ricans go to trace their ancestry or for other personal and business reasons.

The state lottery began in 1885 to finance a hospital for the insane. Later the goal was the hospital system in general, said the Archivo Nacional in a summary.

The lottery is now run by the Junta de Protección Social that donates the profits to a long list of agencies in the country. Among the exhibits are lottery tickets that were altered to appear like they were winners, the Archivo said.

Each lottery ticket is a work of art in itself and an historical document. Many of the personages of the day were pictured there as well as average citizens.

The Archivo Nacional opened Jan. 10 after a Christmas break. It is an agency of the Ministerio de Cultura y Juventud.

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