Missing California family could be here, father says

The McStay family

A California family of four vanished in February, and the husband’s father said Thursday that he thinks the family may be in Costa Rica.

“My son Joseph is an avid surfer and would never be able to not surf,’ said Patrick McStay via e-mail. “I say this because I’m aware that Costa Rica has an avid amount of American Surfers that live and travel there to surf.”

In addition to his son, the family includes the mother, Summer McStay, and the couple’s boys, Gianni, 4, and Joey Jr., 3.

The disappearances have been national news in the United States. The family lived in Fallbrook, near San Diego.

There is no apparent reason why the family would just leave. Their home did not show signs of disruption and their dog was left behind. Perishables were left on a counter.

The only clues are that one of the family’s vehicles was found parked near the Mexican border. There also is a grainy video that shows individuals similar to the family crossing the border. Joseph McStay is believed to own property in Beliez

Local police searched the abandoned home, took some computers for inspection and brought dogs into the back yard. There were no additional clues. A Web site has been set up at www.McStayFamily.com.

“There is a possibility that they may have left the States on their own under a cloud of misunderstanding (no violence, no crime, no problem with police), or may have been mislead in order to get them to leave.” said Patrick McStay without further explanation.

“There is a possibility that they are in Costa Rica, but where is unknown,” he added. The Discovery Network’s Channel known as Investigation Discovery aired a one-hour segment called “Mystery At The Border” on the program “Disappeared” Monday, he said. The network will re-air the segment Sunday at 6 p.m.

There have been a number of leads that did not pan out.

“I don’t wish this situation on my worst enemy,” said Patrick McStay on his Web site.

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