Month is shaping up to be a bad one for drug rings

Photo: Ministerio de Gobernación, Policía y Seguridad Pública

This month is a bad one for suspects believed involved in the drug trade.

In a series of raids Wednesday, anti-drug police detained suspected marijuana smugglers in locations around the country including at the Jamaican Grill, a restaurant in San Pedro.

In the Talamanca, police confiscated two lots of marijuana and detained five persons in two separate cases.

Meanwhile from Europe came word of 10 arrests and the confiscation of more than 100 kilos of cocaine in a container filled with pineapples that originated in Pital de San Carlos.

The Jamaicans are suspected of smuggling high red marijuana from their home island. This is supposed to be a stronger version than locally grown marijuana. Wednesday in Limón and in the Central Valley police detained seven suspects and confiscated 25 kilos of marijuana.

Three buildings were raided in Barrio Cariari and Barrio Corales in Limón. A 26-year-old man with the name of Brown was detained there. Four other persons who may be in the country illegally, were located there.

In the Central Valley, two locations were raided in Curridabat. One was in Barrio La Lila and the other was in Barrio Abbedules. And there was the raid of the Jamaican Grill.

Detained in these raids was a 33-year-old man with the last name of Washington and a Jamaican woman with the last name of Wilson. She is 23.
Agents said that the marijuana was brought into Costa Rica via Honduras and Nicaragua to Limón. There have been confiscations of marijuana in Nicaragua and Honduras. There also have been arrests that agents related to this organization as far back as last May.

The arrests in the Talamanca involved locally grown marijuana. One confiscation was in Alto Telire and the other in Valle la Estrella, said agents. Four persons were detained at a house on the Reserva Indigena Hitoi Cerete and 110 grams of prepared marijuana were confiscated, agents said.

In Valle la Estrella agents confiscated 100 grams from a man relaxing near the local soccer field.

Police have been investigating the European cocaine smuggling case for months. British police made arrests earlier this month, agents here said Wednesday. The investigation here was at the request of British police.

Agents said that the British reported that a man named Steven Caslaganu and another named Anthony Brown were coordinating shipments from here. During the investigation the suspects shipped eight or nine containers with pineapple to Europe. One container was intercepted in Rotterdam. Holland Jan. 4. It contained 106 kilos of cocaine, agents here said. That was the container from San Carlos that left Moín Dec. 22, agents said.

Agents said that Anthony Brown was associated with Oska Catering Liverpol Ltda., which sent the containers. Caslaganu was detained in a London hotel, agents said. One of the total of 10 persons held was a man identified as Adrian Brown, who was reported to be a former policeman.

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