No fan of Amnet cable changes his TV provider

Since the beginning of the year/since the U.S. networks returned from their monthly blackout period, Amnet has been incapable of keeping ABC/CBS/NBC on the air consistently, and from time to time their results have been even more questionable than usual, like when CBS disappeared and TWO channels were carrying the ABC signal simultaneously instead!

The network signals have changed channels from time to time as well, and now the stations are coming out of obviously low budget studios in South Florida, (i. e., a badly lit, chubby guy in a loud Hawaiian shirt doing the weather with a parrot puppet on his arm), instead of first rate studios in Denver.

The good news is that 2011 is shaping up to be a banner year for those of us who appreciate good television. Cable Tica is now available in Manuel Antonio and elsewhere in the country, and their service seems to be far superior to Amnet’s. The cost is ¢13,000, $25.79 at today’s exchange rate for 66 channels. Like Amnet, Cable Tica also offers Internet service.

Here is what Cable Tica offers in addition to what Amnet carries here in Manuel Antonio: ESPN, TNT and CNN International in English. (Finally an alternative to the Nancy Grace channel and FOX News!).

For those with small people in the house, you can have Discovery Kids, Animal Planet and Cartoon Network in English. And CNBC in English is alive and well and on the air.

Best of all, at least for me, the representative who hand delivered the contract to my home guarantees that the U.S. networks will NOT disappear every month. ¡Ojala! Unfortunately he could not guarantee that there would be less soccer programming.

We have finally been blessed with an alternative to the lousy/getting lousier service that Amnet has been providing for far too long. Amnet doesn’t deserve your money any more. Cable Tica’s main office can be reached at 2210-1450.

Dean Barbour
Manuel Antonio

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