Opposition lawmakers coming up with their own tax plans

Opposition parties are coming up with tax plans of their own to counter that offered by President Laura Chinchilla.

The Partido Acción Ciudadana was the latest to do so. Gustavo Arias Navarro, a legislative deputy of the party, offered a proposal Tuesday that does not involve new taxes. Ms. Chinchilla seeks a 14 percent value-added tax.

Arias Navarro said that better collection and preventing tax evasion coupled with cutbacks in government spending
could reach the same level of $1 billion that Ms. Chinchilla seeks.

Monday, Luis Fishman of the Partido Unidad Cristiana presented a proposal to use money held for other purposes by government agencies.

Arias Navarro called for reforming the current tax law to remove certain exemptions that he equated with evasion. He also called for modernizing the tax collecting system and the customs system. He also offered the idea of an economic stimulus that would result in additional collections.

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