Osa’s mystery gunmen still hold property they took over

Tactical police are expected to make their move early today to detain a group of persons dressed in military style who took over property on Drake Bay in the Osa Peninsula. The intruders evicted a caretaker and his family early Monday and have maintained control of housing and property since.

Fuerza Pública officers have been reluctant to approach the home because they are outgunned. Judicial agents also are said to be nearby. Some police officers are dismissing the situation as a property dispute. The owner, a U.S. citizen, is not on the peninsula now.

Major San José television stations ran video of the dwelling and some of the occupants. A few appeared to be carrying AK-47 weapons which are illegal in Costa Rica. They seemed to make no effort to hide themselves.

Sometimes property owners hire gunmen to take over property particularly when the local courts are ineffective. The area of the home invasion is remote and on the extreme western edge of the peninsula.

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