Parrita is going to the mules for two weekends

Parrita’s annual mule festival starts Thursday for a two-week run.

This is the first year that the central Pacific community will benefit from the Autopista del Sol, which dramatically cuts travel time from the Central Valley.

The Festival Nacional de las Mulas is at the community’s fairgrounds. It is sponsored by the Asociación para el Bienestar del Cantón de Parrita and Instituto Costarricense de Turismo. The
association promises adequate parking and security.

Early residents of Parrita on the Pacific Coast used the mule as their primary work animal to plow fields and transport their crops to market, organizers have said, so the tradition still runs strong. There will be mule races and other events associated with the animal. The festival involves more than mules. There is a queen contest, bullfighting, food booths, dances, parades and other typical events in local fiestas.

There also is a tractor rally, organizers said. The event wraps up Feb. 13.

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