Police make arrests in crimes against U.S. tourists

Police have detained suspects in two cases involving tourists.

The first was Friday in Cahuita de Talamanca where a crook stole a strongbox from a tourist cabin.

The second was in Jacó where Fuerza Pública officers quickly nabbed suspects in two robberies, including one involving U.S. citizens.

The Fuerza Pública said that quick action by business people led to the capture of the strongbox theft suspect.

Detained was a man with the last names of Bolaños Garvia. Allan Muñoz, the regional chief of operations for the Policía Turistica in Limón, said that a thief broke into a building that had been rented by U.S. tourists on Playa Chiquita de Cocles in Cahuita. The crook entered by a window.

The strong box contained $1,600, passports, cell phones, an iPod and other objects of value, he said. Then the crook fled to the nearby mountains.

Local sources said that eight police officers responded and located a suspect. The suspect led police into the thick jungle where the safe was recovered.

In Jacó police learned that three men robbed a woman in the vicinity of a fried chicken outlet there Thursday. As police responded they received another report that U.S. tourists had been robbed in the vicinity of the municipal building, said José Luis Sandoval of the Fuerza Pública there.

The second caller had information on the type of vehicle the robbers used, and police saw a similar car, a white Hyundai, and stopped it. Three suspects were detained. They were identified by the last names of Brenes Montano, Marín Álvarez and Espinoza Juárez.

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