Police officer shoots assailant who attacked with machete

A family dispute erupted into bloodshed Thursday when a man with a machete came at a police officer. The wounded police officer fired on the assailant, said the security ministry.

The ministry said that Héctor Gómez Obando, 34, responded to a domestic violence call in Shiroles in the Cantón de Talamanca.

A man was reported acting aggressive toward his female companion and the rest of the family.

The ministry said that the man, identified by the last names of Pastran Selles, came at the officer and cut off four
fingers on the left hand. The officer also suffered a machete wound to the left cheek.

The ministry said that Gómez fired on the assailant, although other reports said that a second police officer shot the man. Pastran suffered three bullet wounds and was reported under police gauard at Hospital Tony Facio in Limón.

Police called in the ministry’s Servicio de Vigilancia Aérea to bring the injured officer to Hospital México in La Uruca. The officer lost a lot of blood, according to pilot Alex Ulloa, but the man still was conscious when he reached the hospital.

Gómez is a four-year veteran of the force.

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