Pre-trial detention sought in case of Osa invasion suspects

Prosecutors want to put the five persons detained on the Osa peninsula in prison for a year for investigation. That was the request prosecutors were making to a judge last Friday.
These are the five persons detained on private property at Playa San Josecito, Drake Bay. An armed group took over the dwelling and the property Tuesday and kicked out the caretaker and his family.

Detained were four men with the last names of Picado, Morales, Ureña and Jiróin and a woman with the last name of Montiel.

What happened there still is being disputed. Residents said that some 20 heavily armed persons took over the property. They were suspected of being a drug gang awaiting a shipment. The neighbors were frightened.
Agents needed three days to assemble their forces in the remote area on the far west side of the peninsula.

Instead of AK-47 automatic rifles, agents found bb guns when they made the arrests. Agents and police were criticized for allowing the bulk of the force to slip away in the night, although there is no real evidence that this happened.

Television videos showed individuals with weapons that did not appear to be bb guns.

The neighbors got close looks at the weaponry because some of the intruders would walk to the nearby stores fully armed.

The home invasion is being blamed on a land title dispute. Frequently in Costa Rica individuals fed up with the lack of speed in the court system take the law into their own hands.

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