Restrictions at autopista will last until Thursday

The transport ministry has closed all but two lanes of the Autopista General Cañas at the Río Virilla bridge to allow work on repair to continue. Workmen are pouring concrete and tearing out old concrete at the bridge.

The road will be restricted until 6 a.m. Thursday, said the ministry.

This is the point where there has been a major traffic jam most of the daytimes as workmen tore out concrete and made repairs on the interior two lanes of the bridge.

Traffic police have been trying to keep three lanes open, but with the new work on other lanes, only one lane will be open in either direction, said the ministry.

This is the famous platina bridge, so named because of the piece of steel that resisted all efforts to tack it down. The metal was over a bridge expansion joint, and it moved around so much that it caused motorists to slow down. There were a number of jokes, videos and other attempts at humor about the bridge, all of which was an embarrassment to the transport ministry.

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