School transport services urged to get early approval

The Consejo de Transporte Público is urging those who drive children to school to make sure their paperwork is in order because classes start.

The agency said that it has received just 1,105 requests for permits and that last year there were 2,010 units hauling students. Only 631 have been approved for the coming year, it said. Public school starts Feb. 10.

Those who operate vehicles carrying students have to pay 71,715 colons, about $144, for a permit. They also have to show that they are current with the Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social and have an active insurance policy. They also cannot have any pending traffic tickets.

Then the vehicle, which cannot be older than 20 years is inspected to make sure it has required seat belts and revisión tecnica approval.

In the case of pre-school children, the driver must have a second adult on board, according to the rules.

The Consejo cracked down last year and removed many vehicles from service for a time and caused problems for parents who were counting on the transportation for their children.

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