Seven held after raids sparked by kidnap case

Prosecutors say that seven men kidnapped a 16-year-old boy as he left his home in the evening of Dec. 30, but the youth is safe at home now and seven suspects have been detained.

The Poder Judicial said that four raids were made Friday morning in Los Cuadros de Goicoechea and the seven were detained.

The youth, who lives in Curridabat, had been released Tuesday after his parents paid a 1 million-colon ransom under instructions from the Judicial Investigating Organization. Agents observed the payment.

The Poder Judicial indentified the suspects by their last names: Aguilera Chavarría, Espinoza Veliz, Chaves Carballo, Zúñiga Fernández, Campos Delgado, Calderón Mora and Cordero Rivera.

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