Tax plan to be published digitally as lawmakers dump paper

The central government’s new tax plan is generating rumbles in political circles, but most are prepared to wait to see the actual law before passing judgment.

The Asamblea Legislativa has set up a place for the law,No. 17.959, on its Web site, but the space is empty. The measure is expected to be published in the La Gaceta shortly. But it will not be on paper.

The legislature and the Imprenta Nacional agreed Tuesday to publish all proposed laws, approved laws and some other documents only in digital form on the public printer’s Web site.

The legislative spokespersons said that this will represent a large savings of money for that branch of the government because it will not be buying paper that will end up as trash.

The Imprenta Nacional has agreed to reduce the per line charge by 50 percent for publishing public documents only on the Web page.

The Imprenta publishes the Gaceta, which comes out each workday in both paper and digital editions. Among the first proposed laws that will be made public under this system is the Chinchilla administration tax plan.

The new proposal got the green light from the nation’s lawyer, the Procuraduría General de la República, and takes advantage of the digital signature bill that can validate Internet documents.

Lawmakers spent 216 billion colons in 2009 on required legal printing in the Gaceta, a summary said.

Mario Zamora, a vice minister in Gobernación, Policía y Seguridad Pública, said the new technology will provide better access for citizens.

That ministry supervised the printing operation.

The legislature now joins many other organizations that are moving away from the printed page in order to save on the increasing cost of paper. In addition, documents on the Internet can be searched and located a number of ways.

The legislature maintains the Web and provides periodic updates of the text of proposed laws as they move through the legislative process. Under the country’s laws, proposed legislation has to be published when it is proposed officially and again after it is approved.

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