There are many benefits here that beat petty annoyances

Did Mr. Colborn really expect paradise this cheap? Negative (& even dangerous) things happen here as anywhere, but it seems many people invite trouble with their actions and attitudes. Those who constantly complain should return to the U.S. “paradise” and leave Costa Rica to those of us who appreciate it for what it is, not what Americans think it should be.

I guess Canada is selling its power way too cheap to the U.S. if anyone from there thinks Costa Rica electricity is overpriced. Here I pay less than 10 percent of my monthly bill in Canada and have almost the same amenities. I noted that Mr. Colborn used “they” in each complaint although he has lived here for years. Perhaps that is the root of his problem.

As for my husband and I, for five months a year we gladly put up with petty annoyances in exchange for cheap and delicious fresh fruits and veggies not shipped thousands of miles and for warm sunshine instead of below zero temperatures. We have terrific neighbors who have been a tremendous help and who include us in their festivites and treat us like family. Newcomers may influence change but to insist on change to suit their personal needs has only resulted in disaster throughout history.

I. J. Temple
Santa Gertrudis

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