This is a balanced country with chips on both shoulders

Thanks for airing different views on life in Costa Rica.

The letters of Tom Colborn and Ted Douglas are absolutely correct.

I have lived in Costa Rica and Panama for eight years and am married to a Tica. My Tico brother-in-law, who is a fairly high government official, warned me of the anti-foreign bias and xenophobia among the average Costa Ricans.

He said, “we’re a balanced people. We have a chip on both shoulders.”

I have resided in five countries in my employment before I retired in Costa Rica. It is, without doubt, the most anti-foreign, antagonistic country to foreigners.

I will be moving back to Costa Rica from Panama, but only so my wife can be close to her aged mother and family.

If I were still in the U.S. and didn’t have that family obligation, would I choose Costa Rica? Absolutely not.

Real estate agents, tour guides and property peddlers have their own interests.

So what to do?

Do as Ted Douglas suggested. Come and live here for six months or a year and find out for yourself before plunking down your money.

Carl Robbins
Alajuela and Atlanta

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