Virilla bridge expected to be four lanes today

The transport ministry said that it expected to have four lanes in service this morning on the Río Virilla bridge on the Autopista General Cañas.

The location has been a bottleneck since December when crews started working on the bridge. At one point the bridge was down to one lane in each direction. Thursday there were three lanes. The traffic jam was miles long on either side of the bridge.

This is the famous bridge where workers could not fasten down a piece of metal over an expansion joint in three or four attempts. It has been the topic of jokes and song.

Although four lanes are expected to be open today, the work is not over. The speed limit is 30 kph, which is about 19 mph. Crews still are putting down concrete.

The highway is the main route to Juan Santamaría airpot form San José.

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