We have to face reality

Mr Colborn’s article regarding Pura Vida screams for comment. Although it was a bit of overkill, underneath it all, there are excellent points. I have lived in Costa Rica, and a lot of what he said is what drove me out. I have since realized no place is perfect. Costa Rica definitely has its weather, beauty and wonderful people that draws one to live there. I keep thinking I want to come back,

But, this article and others I read in A.M. Costa Rica force me to face reality. Your article of all the sewage going into the rivers and eventually to the alligator bay and the post office new requirement of searching your outgoing mail are other confirmations of why I left.

The straw that broke my back is the overkill on some of their issues like check through to a flight.

My last visit in August, was the final blow. I am 77 years old, well groomed and educated. Nothing against any of the other passengers, but why am I always singled out??? After the very efficient screening going to the gate, you are just beginning. I was impressed with their new system and it was very well organized. What totally upset me was, as I was going through the gate giving my boarding pass and headed for the gangway, I am flagged out for checking, AGAIN!

Full body search, removal of shoes, everything in my pockets and spread eagle for scanning. Went through my carry on and found my five-ounce can of jalapeno pieces, and they decided this was definitely dangerous! They made me check my carry-on bag, and I had to grab my passport, tickets and other paperwork to carry loose.

There is no discretion allowed, and they are smothered with blinders. The additional tables of agents checking baggage as they enter the plane is absolutely ridiculous, at that stage!! Yet, on the other side they have all the crime that they cannot seem to control or do anything about. I will not go into the other stories such as punctured tires on rental cars to assist in robbery on down the road. This has been going on for the 17 years I have been going to and living in Costa Rica.

One can always find fault, but I think most of the criticism of Costa Rica comes from people who sincerely love the country and want to live there, but the culture will not let them do that comfortably. I think I will always want to return, but all this harassment will keep me from doing it. Makes me sad.

Ralph Simonson
Leesburg, Florida

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