Weather alert continues because some areas remain flooded

Although weather conditions were getting better on the Caribbean coast, the national emergency commission said it was continuing an alert for Limón, Sarapiquí and Turrialba because some communities still were flooded.

The Caribbean and the northern zone have been facing nearly a week of rains, mostly in the mountains. This creates swollen rivers that frequently run out of their banks.

The emergency commission said that Goshen in Matina near Limón Centro was still flooded Monday. Some 85 families there were in public shelters as were six persons in Río Jiménez de Guácimo, said the commission.

The Instituto Meteorológico Nacional predicted sunny skies in much of the country today followed by possible rain in the afternoon. This season is rapidly becoming one without a dry season because the winds from the north that usually
keep the humidity from the oceans in check are weaker than normal. Rain was a possibility in the Central Valley and in the mountains of the central and south Pacific and the Caribbean, the institute said.

The emergency commission was expecting that some of the families would return to their homes later Monday. The agency said that there were weather incidents in six cantons of the Provincia de Limón and also in Turrialba over the weekend. There were slides and flooding, it said. That is why the alert is continuing, it said.

The Comisión Nacional de Prevención de Riesgos y Atención de Emergencias also is keeping its eye on Volcán Turrialba, which has been emitting extra measures of acidic fumes. However, experts from the Red Sismológica Nacional of the Universidad de Costa Rica inspected the mountain and said the status was about the same as last year, said the commission. Experts think that a wall collapsed inside the mountain causing more gas to escape.

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