Writer should have trashed his very public diatribe

Regarding Tom Colborn’s letter to the editor last Thursday:

It always helps to get things off our chests by writing down what’s griping us on a piece of paper, or these days, type them on a Word document on our computer. However, it’s usually unwise to send such a letter or e-mail; better that we throw it away or delete it. Mr. Colborn’s very public diatribe on Costa Rica would have been best kept to himself, or just shared with those close to him. We have all had our bad and worst days and experiences here and we certainly share them, but not so publicly and viciously. Bad things happen to people in all countries and we deal with it as best we can. One could just as easily tear apart life in the U.S.

He has touched a raw nerve with many of the expats and Ticos who reside here. In the U. S., citizens get very irritated when foreign residents or guests belittle the United States publicly. Complaining foreigners do not endear themselves, and often only create backlashes that serve no one and change nothing. We all know the saying, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” A more apropos saying in this instance might read, “When in Rome, don’t offend the Romans.”

After all is said and done, it does not a matter of whether or not your observations are correct or incorrect, what matters is that you have publicly insulted a whole culture. I sincerely hope that Ticos reading his message will not hold your message against the rest of the expats who have chosen to live here.

Basically, he has two choices, adapt to or leave Costa Rica. Both are tough choices to make. Adapting is the more positive choice and may require that he move to a more secure and tranquil area. The latter choice is the one I hope he chooses.

Gene Warneke
Canaza, Osa Peninsula

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