Zapote fairground crowd yields a variety of weaponry

Fuerza Pública officers mounted this display of the items confiscated at the Fiestas de San José. Photo: Ministerio de Gobernación, Policía y Seguridad Pública/Paul Gamboa

Fuerza Pública officers did what amounts to a crowd survey at the Fiestas de San José from Christmas to New Year’s.

The found a staggering variety of weapons being carried by those who sought to attend the event at the Zapote fairgrounds.

The haul of weapons represents a sample of what persons are carrying every day as they go about their daily chores.

Box cutters are a big item, perhaps inspired by the terrorists who took over the airplanes in the United States Sept. 11, 2001.

But one person carried a hammer. There also were brass knuckles, which are available for sale in the downtown.

The local hardware store can provide a screwdriver, which can be deadly if used for that purpose.
Police grabbed everything that could be used as a weapon. They managed to snag one fingernail clipper and a corkscrew that really might have been designed for the party afterwards.

In all, police detained 93 persons, some 41 for violation of drug laws.

They confiscated one pistol, nine knives, including one that would be at home in a butcher shop. Some of those carrying the weapons and drugs were minors.

Police officers set up a screening system around the fairgrounds.

They stopped suspicious individuals, but they did not get all the weapons that were introduced to the location.

In many neighborhoods everyone carries some form of weapon for defense. And the screening at the fairgrounds shows that a number of persons arm themselves each day even if they use non-standard weapons.

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