10 ways to crack down on a variety of crimes

1. Fire every judge who has turned loose armed robbers and drug dealers and then told them to sign in every 15 days.

2. Every one from the head of the police on down should have to take a lie detector test every six months and be asked if they have committed any crimes or taken any bribes. If so, automatic dismissal and one year in jail.

3. All police units should work closer together, and any policeman should be able to write a traffic ticket.

4. Let us not forget that all violent crimes are not committed with a gun or a knife. When a driver is speeding, running stop signs, driving on the wrong side of the road, passing over double yellow lines or passing into blind corners and kills someone or a whole family, I would call that a very, very violent crime.

Note: On numerous occasions I have seen from 20 to 22 policemen checking cars for updated stickers while a big portion of the violations I said above is going on right in sight of them.

5. The young policemen that they are hiring need to go through a very comprehensive driving program. A lot of them drive almost as bad as most of the rest of the drivers. Of course, that is all they have seen for all of their life. I have witnessed many running stop signs, speeding and no turn signals.

6. Enforce the laws, at least the good ones. (I am not to worried if a five foot, six inch 12 year old is not in a car seat.)

7. Take some of the $35 to $50 million a year that is spent on telling the world how great Costa Rica is and build a big jail. It does not have to be fancy or expensive.

8. I think it would be great to put all the prisoners that are not to dangerous in chain gangs and have them clean up the tons and tons of trash that is thrown on the sides of the roads. If the country did not look like a trash dump, I am certain it would help with tourism.

9. You can not let criminals take over any part of any town or community. They have to be stopped and quickly or they just get braver. Meaner, and more of them.

10. Ask for help. From the U.S. or anyone who will help. It may not be to long before the drug cartels start to take over and they will make the 50 or so Nicaraguan soldiers on the border look like a bunch of Boy Scouts.

Robert Woodrow

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