13 policemen face allegations of shaking down drug dealers

Anti-drug police made 15 raids Tuesday to detain 13 policemen and a civilian suspected of robbing and blackmailing drug dealers.

The investigation had been going on since June, agents said.
The policemen are members of the Fuerza Pública, and they have been on the force from four to 19 years.

The initial investigation involved three policemen in the Goicoechea station. The raids ranged as far east as Cartago.

The allegations include the claim that the police made
illegal raids to steal drugs and other valuables.

Another allegation is that the policemen arrested drug dealers, took most of the drugs for themselves and then turned the suspect and a smaller amount of drugs over to the prosecutors.

The disclosure comes at a bad time for the security ministry. The top uniformed officials are facing allegations that they allowed sexual harassment to take place and in one case, a top police official sent a text message full of sexual innuendos to a female vice minister.

She resigned in a huff.

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